Friday, 13 November 2015

Childhood Memories

Childhood memories are what make us who we are and, whether they are good or bad, they are something that will stay with us forever.

I've been trying to think of something specific, but since I have an ok-ish relationship with my family, I don't remember a lot. Today I am sharing with you some of the memories I have of the time spent with my brother. He's two and half years younger than me, so we spent a lot of time together before my younger sister came along. 

Semihundido @ Flickr
We shared a room for many years and, even though I had my dolls and he had his toys, sometimes we also played together (with his stuff, mostly). I remember we played with his tiny soldier figurines, and also with his He-Man action figures. I had my own, like Teela and that sorceress with the eagle wings whose name I could never remember, and we played together with Castle Greyskull on the floor in our room. I also remember that we used to play McGyver around the house, trying to build weapons and stuff with elastic bands and paper clips... Yeah, we were quite the pair :) 

TracyApps @ Flickr
One more memory that's still in my mind is when my dad brought
our very first computer home, the Commodore 64. We'd sit close together and play Prince of Persia, and laugh at the stupid noise he would make when he jumped into the spikes and died. :P

Things were still the same when we got the Nintendo 64, we would play SuperMario (I'll have you know that I'm listening to the original theme song as I'm writing this post... and smiling like an idiot), and since even then you would get more than one game, we also had Duck Hunt and boy, if we had fun with that!! We had the gun and we would spent countless times shooting at those damn ducks. And when we felt like cheating (like all the time occasionally), we just put the gun right on the TV screen and shoot mercilessly, getting the so dreaded "PERFECT, 10000!!".

Talking about this stuff just warms my heart because I miss those times. I am still close to my brother, even though we don't talk much.

Do you have childhood memories that you keep close to your heart? 

PS: In case you are wondering, yes, that is me and my bro when we were kids. Don't we look cute! :)
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