Friday, 6 November 2015

What are we watching on TV?

Hands up who loves TV series! Someone can count them on one hand and others might be obsessed with hundreds of them but, no matter the number, we all agree over the fact they know how to keep us entertained.

Right now, we are watching two series we particularly love and that make us become sort of unreachable:

  • How To Get Away With Murder (Crime/Drama/Mystery)
    Season 2 has just started, and OH MY GOD!!! It's all much more messed up than the first season was, so of course we love it! Once again, everything is centered on who committed the murder... Or not? We love the fact that this show is so intricate that you have to pay attention not only to the dialogues, but details such as every look exchanged... You can't ever know when/where you'll get the right piece to put the puzzle together, so paying attention to every detail is sort of vital for the viewer. And as if the thrilling mystery going on wasn't enough, we have Frank. We can't help it, we love Frank with a passion that we always joke this TV show should be called "How to get away with Frank" ;)
  • Haven (Crime/Drama/Fantasy)
    Truth to be told, we only began watching this TV series from the last episode of Season 3, but it got us so intrigued that we kept watching it every week with anticipation. We found the idea of this little town full of people with "troubles" really original, and the fact that the series was inspired by Stephen King's Colorado Kid only made us want to watch it even more! Of course, Adam Copeland (formerly known as WWE Superstar Edge) and Eric Balfour as part of the main cast may have also contributed to us being hooked to this show... This is the last season and we're savouring every episode, but we already agreed to re-watch the entire series once we have the box set in our hands. Oh yeah, that is SO going to happen!

Are you watching any TV series you're particularly excited about at the moment?

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