About Us

A Thing for Life comes from the minds of Francesca and Silvia, two Italians living in UK. This is mainly a lifestyle blog, with hints of food, beauty, fashion, craft... and a little bit of everything. 
Here you will see what we are passionate about, glimpses of our lives and why not, fun things too! So don't be shy, stick around and enjoy the show!

Five facts about Fran:
  1. I LOVE tea
  2. I don't have any tattoos, but I want one (at least!)
  3. I had purple hair at some point in my life
  4. I say that I don't like the Kardashian's reality show but in truth I watch it when I am bored
  5. I have a secret crush on Calum Best (uh-oh... busted!)
Interests: food, gaming, technology, TV/movies, beauty, fashion, books, travel, anime & manga

Fran is currently a contributor for:

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Five facts about Silvia:
  1. I discovered my passion for drawing when I was three
  2. I have a degree in Events Management for Cinema & TV
  3. I'm happiest and truly find peace when I'm at the sea
  4. Lasagna is a guilty pleasure of mine
  5. I'm a tiny bit of a perfectionist...
Interests: books, craft, drawing, photography, video editing, technology, TV/movies, anime & manga
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